AI Workflow: Machine Learning, Visual Recognition and NLP

This is the fourth course in the IBM AI Enterprise Workflow Certification specialization. You are STRONGLY encouraged to complete these courses in order as they are not individual independent courses, but part of a workflow where each course builds on the previous ones.

Course 4 covers the next stage of the workflow, setting up models and their associated data pipelines for a hypothetical streaming media company. The first topic covers the complex topic of evaluation metrics, where you will learn best practices for a number of different metrics including regression metrics, classification metrics, and multi-class metrics, which you will use to select the best model for your business challenge. The next topics cover best practices for different types of models including linear models, tree-based models, and neural networks. Out-of-the-box Watson models for natural language understanding and visual recognition will be used. There will be case studies focusing on natural language processing and on image analysis to provide realistic context for the model pipelines.

Price Free
Language English
Duration 13 Hours
Certificate No
Course Pace Self Paced
Course Level Advanced
Course Category Machine Learning
Course Instructor IBM
Machine LearningAI Workflow: Machine Learning, Visual Recognition and NLP