Developing AI Applications with Python and Flask

Describe the steps and processes involved in creating a Python application including the application development lifecycle.

This mini course is intended to apply basic Python skills for developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled applications. In this hands-on project you will assume the role of a developer and perform tasks including:

– Develop functions and application logic
– Exchange data using Watson AI libraries
– Write unit tests, and
– Package the application for distribution.

You will demonstrate your foundational Python skills by employing different techniques to develop web applications and AI powered solutions. After completing this course, you will have added another project to your portfolio and gained the confidence to begin developing AI enabled applications using Python and Flask, Watson AI libraries, build and run unit tests, and package the application for distribution out in the real world.


Python Coding Practices and Packaging Concepts

In this module, you will start with the basic difference between web applications and APIs. Next, you will learn about the application development lifecycle, from gathering requirements to maintaining the project. You will also get familiar with the best practices for coding as documented in the Python Enhancement Proposal (PEP8) style guide. You will learn about static code analysis, which is used to ensure that the code you write adheres to the coding rules. Next, you will learn how to create and run unit tests. Finally, you will learn how to create, verify, and run Python packages.

Web App Deployment using Flask

In this module, you will be introduced to the definitions of and key differences between Python libraries and frameworks for application development. You will also learn about Flask, a Python-based micro framework used for web deployment of applications. The module will also introduce development and deployment concepts, including routes, request and response objects, error handling, and decorators. After building an API with Flask, you will also learn to deploy web apps using Flask.

Creating AI Application and Deploy using Flask

In this module, you will be introduced to Embeddable Watson AI libraries. You will also have the opportunity to build two AI-based apps. The practice project will provide you with a challenge to apply your programming skills and incorporate the IBM Watson libraries to build a text-based Sentiment Analysis tool. You will be provided guidance through each step of the project. The final project, Emotion Detection based on the text input, will help you get your skills and proficiency assessed by your peers. For both projects, you will perform unit testing, static code analysis, and incorporate error handling.

Price Free
Language English
Duration 11 Hours
Certificate Available
Course Pace Self Paced
Course Level Beginner
Course Category Python
Course Instructor IBM
PythonDeveloping AI Applications with Python and Flask