Generative AI – Your Personal Code Reviewer

Dive into the forefront of coding evolution with our comprehensive course, “Generative AI – Your Personal Code Reviewer.” This immersive course is tailored for learners seeking to unlock the full potential of generative AI in the world of code review and enhancement.

Throughout this journey, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge, equipping them with the tools needed to revolutionize their approach to code assessment. You’ll begin by understanding the fundamentals of generative AI, exploring advanced debugging techniques, adding code comments, refactoring, and generating code for specific tasks such as data cleaning and machine learning. Along the way, you’ll also explore the importance of prompt engineering for crafting effective prompts and examine potential pitfalls and ethical implications associated with using generative AI for code review and debugging.
By the end of this course, you’ll possess the skills and knowledge needed to leverage generative AI effectively in code review, debugging, and code enhancement. Join us on this transformative journey and unleash the power of generative AI in your coding endeavors.

In this module, you will explore the capabilities of generative AI in the code review process. Through practical applications, you will master advanced coding techniques, including identifying and resolving common coding errors. You will also delve into prompt engineering strategies to optimize code generation outcomes and enhance efficiency. Ethical considerations and best practices for using generative AI tools responsibly will also be emphasized. At the end of this module, you will be equipped with the skills to leverage generative AI effectively for code review, debugging, and enhancing overall code quality.

16 videosTotal 97 minutes
  • Course Introduction2 minutesPreview module
  • Generative AI as a Code Reviewer3 minutes
  • Generative AI and Coding5 minutes
  • Natural Language Descriptions and Code Generation5 minutes
  • Debugging Codes with Generative AI6 minutes
  • Debugging Existing Codes Using Generative AI9 minutes
  • Adding Code Comments Using Generative AI5 minutes
  • Generative AI and Code Refactoring7 minutes
  • Generative AI and Code Refactoring: One Step Further5 minutes
  • Generative AI and Exploratory Data Analysis: Fundamentals6 minutes
  • Generative AI and Exploratory Data Analysis: Exploring Further8 minutes
  • Converting Features with Generative AI6 minutes
  • Generative AI and Machine Learning6 minutes
  • Generative AI Trends for Code Generation4 minutes
  • Data Processing with ChatGPT Plus8 minutes
  • Building a Machine Learning Model with ChatGPT Plus5 minutes
12 readingsTotal 125 minutes
  • Course Syllabus3 minutes
  • Common Errors While Coding10 minutes
  • Why Should You add Comments to Your Code?10 minutes
  • Code Refactoring – The Why’s10 minutes
  • Pitfalls and Ethical considerations while using GenAI for code review and debugging15 minutes
  • Invalid libraries, Methods, and Other Pitfalls10 minutes
  • Best Practices for Effectively using Generative AI15 minutes
  • The Possibilities & Challenges of Generative AI in Coding10 minutes
  • Case Studies: Leveraging Generative AI to solve real-world coding challenges20 minutes
  • Prompt Engineering for Developers15 minutes
  • Congratulations5 minutes
  • Acknowledgments2 minutes
3 assignmentsTotal 35 minutes
  • Generative AI & Coding – Exploring Trends and the Future15 minutes
  • To err is human10 minutes
  • Generative AI & Coding – Possibilities and Trends10 minutes
1 peer reviewTotal 120 minutes
  • Data Cleaning and Visualization with Generative AI Assistance120 minutes
4 discussion promptsTotal 45 minutes
  • AI and Creativity in Coding – Your Take10 minutes
  • Meet and Greet10 minutes
  • Enhancing Coding Practices with Generative AI15 minutes
  • The Future of Programming with Generative AI10 minutes
5 ungraded labsTotal 390 minutes
  • Finding Code Errors with Generative AI30 minutes
  • Debugging Code Errors using Generative AI90 minutes
  • Adding Code Comment with Generative AI60 minutes
  • Code Refactoring With Generative AI90 minutes
  • Exploratory Data Analysis with Generative AI120 minutes
6 pluginsTotal 90 minutes
  • Generative AI: From Human, to Machine, to Artificial Intelligence15 minutes
  • The Current State of AI and the Future of Developers15 minutes
  • AI and the future of Developers15 minutes
  • The Future of Work – How to Stay Relevant in the AI Age15 minutes
  • What’s next for AI agentic workflows ft. Andrew Ng of AI Fund15 minutes
  • How Developers might stop worrying about AI taking software jobs and Learn to Profit from LLMs15 minutes
Price Free
Language English
Duration 15 Hours
Certificate Available
Course Pace Self Paced
Course Level Intermediate
Course Category Generative AI
Course Instructor Fractal Analytics
Generative AIGenerative AI – Your Personal Code Reviewer