Introduction to Vertex AI

In this concise yet impactful microlearning course spanning around 4 hours, we’re diving into the world of Vertex AI to equip you with fundamental insights and practical skills. We’ll unravel the essentials of Vertex AI, guiding you through the interface to empower you to navigate this powerful platform seamlessly. Get ready to grasp strategic insights that will enable you to effectively harness the capabilities of Vertex AI in your projects. The course is best suited for aspiring data scientists, machine learning enthusiasts, and professionals eager to harness the potential of AI. Understanding of Programming, Understanding of AI, and GenAI technology, and understanding Cloud computing, ML platform, DevOps, or LLMOps would be an added advantage. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of Vertex.AI’s basics, mastering its interface, and acquiring strategic insights to leverage this tool effectively. Elevate your AI journey and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of machine learning with “Introduction to Vertex AI.” Let’s get started! Note: To be able to explore Vertex AI and its features, you would need a Gmail account and Vertex AI access. In case you want to create a free trial account before you start, you can follow the link ( and create your account. Please read the information page before

Price Free
Language English
Duration 3 Hours
Certificate Available
Course Pace Self Paced
Course Level Beginner
Course Category Machine Learning
Course Instructor Fractal Analytics
Machine LearningIntroduction to Vertex AI