Prompt Engineering for Web Developers

Not quite getting the results you want from ChatGPT? Wondering how you can use AI language models to your advantage? Then this course is for you!

If you’ve spent any amount of time with AI language models like ChatGPT and Google Bard, you may have noticed the results can sometimes be, well, frustrating. When it comes to leveraging AI language models, your output is often only as good as your input. In other words, it’s all about learning how best to communicate your desired results. Effective prompt engineering is the secret sauce for getting the most out of AI. There are plenty of resources on prompt engineering out there, but this course focuses specifically on how you can learn the art and science of effective prompt engineering to get the most out of AI language models and ultimately become a better web developer. By the end of the course, you’ll be an awesome prompt engineer with the skills to transform AI language models like ChatGPT into the ultimate coding assistant and pair programming partner. You’ll be equipped to leverage AI to plan, learn, generate, debug, document, and explore code better than you ever have before. And to make sure it sticks, there will be plenty of challenges and suggestions for further learning along the way! Ready? Let’s engineer some prompts! Treasure Porth is the instructor for this course.


  1. Introduction
  2. Welcome to the Course!
  3. Intro: What is Prompt Engineering?
  4. Prompt Engineering Basics, Part 1
  5. Prompt Engineering Basics, Part 2
  6. Quiz: Prompt Engineering Basics
  7. Control the length and format of GPT’s responses
  8. Challenge: Haiku-ish Generator
  9. Break Tasks Into Smaller Steps
  10. Quiz: Break Tasks into Smaller Steps
  11. Prompt Iteratively: Prompt, Evaluate, Repeat
  12. Optimize prompts
  13. Challenge: Build a Simple Modal with an Optimized Prompt
  14. Role-based prompting
  15. Practice: Plan an App with Role-Based Prompting
  16. Prompt with Examples
  17. Challenge: Seltzer Flavor Generator
  18. Solution: Seltzer Flavor Generator
  19. Beware Hallucinating!
  20. Recap: Prompt Engineering
  21. Intro: AI Assisted Coding
  22. Generate code with pseudocode
  23. Generate code using a pseudo language
  24. Challenge: Generate a Form with Pseudo Language
  25. Generate Edge Cases
  26. Practice: Test a function and generate edge cases
  27. Debugging and Error Messages
  28. Convert Code
  29. Challenge: Convert Code
  30. Document Code
  31. Study Web Development via Prompt Engineering, Pt 1
  32. Study Web Development via Prompt Engineering, Pt 2
  33. Review and Practice: Study Web Development
  34. Explore APIs with Bard
  35. Get Help with Git and Github
  36. Get Help Deploying
  37. When to Step Back from AI
  38. Recap: AI-Assisted Coding
  39. Intro: Using AI Language Models for Job Search
  40. Generate, Learn and Practice DS/Algo Problems, Part 1
  41. Generate, Learn and Practice DS/Algo Problems, Part 2
  42. Challenge: Solving Classic FizzBuzz with ChatGPT
  43. Review and Analyze Code
  44. Practice: Review and Analyze a Code Solution
  45. Get Live Code Interview Advice and Practice
  46. Job Search – Get Help Writing Job Search Docs
  47. Practice Interview Questions
  48. Congrats, Prompt Engineers
Price Free
Language English
Duration 3 Hours
Certificate No
Course Pace Self Paced
Course Level Beginner
Course Category Prompt Engineering
Course Instructor Scrimba
Prompt EngineeringPrompt Engineering for Web Developers