How to create flowcharts in ChatGPT with

  • Go to ChatGPT and ask it to provide steps of any process to convert it into a flowchart.

Prompt: Please provide steps for [enter your process topic]

  • Now ask ChatGPT to convert the steps into a flowchart format

Prompt: Please create a flowchart representing the steps for [enter your topic] incorporating the above steps. Ensure that related steps are placed side by side.

  • Now ask ChatGPT to covert this text into Mermaid code

Prompt: Please write mermaid code for this

  • Copy this Mermaid code and go to 
  • Open new file and click on + button on top menu bar, go to Advanced → Mermaid
  • Paste the Mermaid code and it will give you the visual representation of your flowchart
  • You can edit it, add colors, and download this file to use further.

(Pro-tip: Run the prompt and adjust it accordingly to get your desired result)

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