How to Drive More Sales by Generating Customer Insights with AI

Making sense of customer behavior across multiple touch points can be close to impossible, especially when multiple channels and team members are involved in the process.

But thanks to AI, we can now take data from multiple touch points and stakeholders and understand what’s working — and what’s not. Here’s how to auto-fill your CRM after customer conversations:

  • Go to Attention’s website and sign up. It’s an AI platform for customer analysis.
  • Once you’re in, connect your CRM (it works with any CRM).
  • Specify the fields and properties you want to auto-populate.
  • Attention will record or import your calls, and capture whatever is most important to you, updating your CRM as soon as your call ends.

You can aggregate all your customer conversations using this process and then generate insights to identify gaps and understand how you can improve your sales processes.

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