How to Generate Images with Consistent Faces using Midjourney

If you’ve ever generated images with AI, you probably know how hard it is to create two or more images with the same face and character.

Image generation app Midjourney released a feature yesterday that finally solves this problem.

How to sign up to Midjourney:

  • Sign up for Midjourney and Discord on their website
  • Once you’re signed up, go to the Discord website → click on the Direct Messages icon on the top left → click on Midjourney bot
  • To generate an image type /imagine followed by your prompt and press enter to generate your image

How to use the feature:

  • Once you’ve generated an image of a person that you like, click on the image and then click on Open in Browser to the bottom left of the image
  • Write a prompt in Discord for the new image that you’d like to generate and add –cref URL (of the image that you just opened in browser) to the end of your prompt
  • For example, your new prompt could look like: /imagine woman in an office with large windows –cref https://…

And there you have it. With that simple addition to the end of your prompts, you should now be able to generate consistent faces across all your images.

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