How to Generate Videos from Text with Pika

OpenAI’s Sora isn’t ready for you to use just yet. Until then, there are plenty of other text-to-video models you can try out, like Pika:

  • Sign in to 
  • Go to the Pika 1.0 Dashboard and click ‘Explore’
  • Write out your video idea in the prompt section in the middle of the screen. Be as descriptive as possible, adding adjectives and specific details
  • Include any previous images or videos, if you have any
  • Choose your preferred aspect ratio and frames per second
  • Play around with motion control to understand how the camera moves in your video
  • Press Enter to generate your video
  • Find your finalized video in the “My Library” section
  • If you’re not happy with the final results, you can press “retry,” “reprompt,” or “edit”
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