How to take notes using Google’s NotebookLM – AI notebook

Google’s NotebookLM is a new free service that lets you apply AI to your own notes and documents. You can use it to surface new ideas and find fresh connections in your thoughts and research. Want to upgrade your note-taking process and get more done? Here’s how you can do it using Google’s new NotebookLM:

  • Go to NotebookLM and sign up. Currently available in the US.
  • Click “New Notebook” to create your first notebook
  • Add your first source: a Google Doc, PDF, or copied text
  • Ask NotebookLM questions about your source to help explain, summarize, brainstorm, and more
  • Click on your sources to auto-generate a summary and key topics

Use cases: enhanced research, automated summarization, efficient note-taking, idea organization, task management, learning support, creative brainstorming and information retrieval.

** Each document you add can be up to 100MB and contain up to 500,000* words.

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