Build AI Apps with LangChain.js

This course is meticulously designed to navigate learners through the process of building AI applications utilizing the LangChain library. This course begins with an introduction by LangChain’s lead maintainer, Jacob Lee, providing a foundational understanding directly from an expert’s perspective. As the course unfolds, learners will work through app flow diagrams, setup of databases with Supabase, text processing techniques, and the creation of intricate prompt templates. They will learn to develop starter code, add logic chains for retrieval and processing, and design a user interface for their applications. Each module is crafted to enhance the learner’s coding skills, with super challenges that test their ability to apply learned concepts in complex scenarios. The course culminates with a solo project where learners build a personal assistant app, solidifying their coding expertise and understanding of AI app development. The unique aspect of this course lies in its specific focus on LangChain, offering hands-on experience with this cutting-edge tool in the AI landscape, and preparing learners for the next generation of AI app development.


1. What you’ll learn and build
2. Introduction to LangChain from Jacob Lee (Lead Maintainer of LangChain.js)
3. App Flow Diagrams
4. Supabase Setup
5. Split the text
6. Split the text II
7. Upload to supabase
8. Starter code
9. Explainer: The Standalone Question
10. Aside: Prompt Templates
11. Aside: Prompt Templates II
12. Adding the first chain
13. Retrieval
14. Add StringOutputParser
15. Fetching the answer: the template
16. Serialize the docs
17. Aside: RunnableSequence
18. Aside: RunnableSequence 2
19. Aside: RunnableSequence 3: RunnablePassthrough
20. Super Challenge – add the RunnableSequence
21. Super Challenge – solution
22. Wire up the UI
23. Setting up the memory
24. Super Challenge: Wire up the memory
25. Performance Issues Check-list
26. Solo Project: Personal Assistant
27. LangChain Outro
28. Congrats!
Price Free
Language English
Duration 2 Hours
Certificate No
Course Pace Self Paced
Course Level Beginner
Course Category LLM
Course Instructor Scrimba
LLMBuild AI Apps with LangChain.js