Learn AI Agents

This course delves into the intricate process of ReAct prompting, a critical component in the design of AI agents. Through dedicated modules, learners will explore the nuanced approach to crafting prompts that effectively guide AI responses in a reactive manner. This technique is essential for developing AI agents that can interact dynamically with users and environments.

The curriculum offers an in-depth examination of ReAct prompting, teaching students how to plan and construct prompts that lead to desired actions and responses from the AI. Participants will learn the principles of prompt engineering, which combines elements of psychology, linguistics, and data science to shape the AI’s interactions. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the course emphasizes practical experience. Students will engage in hands-on exercises to refine their skills in building ReAct prompts, understanding the “loop” mechanism that enables continuous and context-aware interactions, and setting up code that facilitates these sophisticated dialogues. By focusing on ReAct prompting, the course prepares learners to create AI agents that are not only responsive but also proactive in their engagements, resulting in more natural and effective human-AI interactions. This specialized training is particularly beneficial for those interested in enhancing user experience and creating more intuitive AI systems.

What’s included

  • Test your knowledge30 minutes
28 pluginsTotal 117 minutes
  • AI Agent Intro3 minutes
  • Prompt Engineering 1016 minutes
  • Control Response Formats2 minutes
  • Zooming Out3 minutes
  • Agent Setup4 minutes
  • Introduction to ReAct prompting5 minutes
  • Build action functions4 minutes
  • Write ReAct prompt – part 1 – planning3 minutes
  • ReAct Agent – part 2 – ReAct prompt3 minutes
  • ReAct Agent – part 3 – how does the “loop” work?3 minutes
  • ReAct Agent – part 4 – code setup4 minutes
  • ReAct Agent – part 5 – Plan for parsing the response4 minutes
  • ReAct Agent – part 6 – Parsing the Action5 minutes
  • ReAct Agent – part 7 – Calling the function6 minutes
  • ReAct Agent – part 8 – Housekeeping3 minutes
  • ReAct Agent – part 9 – Finally! The loop!8 minutes
  • OpenAI Functions Agent – part 1 – Intro1 minute
  • OpenAI Functions Agent – part 2 – Demo day2 minutes
  • OpenAI Functions Agent – part 3 – Tools6 minutes
  • OpenAI Functions Agent – Part 4 – Loop Logic2 minutes
  • OpenAI Functions Agent – Part 5 – Setup Challenge3 minutes
  • OpenAI Functions Agent – Part 6 – Tool Calls6 minutes
  • OpenAI Functions Agent – Part 7 – Pushing to messages4 minutes
  • OpenAI Functions Agent – Part 8 – Adding arguments7 minutes
  • OpenAI Functions Agent – Part 9 – Automatic function calls9 minutes
  • Adding UI to agent – proof of concept4 minutes
  • Solo Project: AI Travel Agent4 minutes
  • Nice work!3 minutes
Price Free
Language English
Duration 2 Hours
Certificate No
Course Pace Self Paced
Course Level Intermediate
Course Category LLM
Course Instructor Scrimba
LLMLearn AI Agents