Coding with Generative AI

This microlearning course (approximately 3 hours) provides an introductory exploration of the fundamental concepts of Generative AI with a specific focus on its application for coders. You will gain an understanding of the underlying principles of generative AI and learn how to effectively use it in your coding applications.

By the end of this course, you will be able to, discuss the Fundamental Concepts of Generative AI, and apply generative AI tools and techniques to solve real-world coding challenges.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of neural network architectures, generative models, and the use of generative AI to generate codes quickly and efficiently. You will also learn to implement functions and classes, as well as about procedural code into object-oriented code, fixing syntax errors and code corrections using generative AI. You will also learn about the fundamental differences between exact search and semantic search.

This is the first course in the series of courses, where you will learn about the nuances of coding using generative AI. The course is suited for Generative AI enthusiasts, GenAI Engineers, AI Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Solution Architects.

To be successful in this course, you should have a curious mind, an understanding of programming languages, especially Python, and a basic knowledge of generative AI technologies and platforms.

Price Free
Language English
Duration 3 Hours
Certificate No
Course Pace Self Paced
Course Level Advanced
Course Category Generative AI
Course Instructor Fractal Analytics
Generative AICoding with Generative AI