Gen AI for Code Generation for Python

Coding with ChatGPT, Data Visualization.

Welcome to the ‘Gen AI for Code Generation for Python’ course, where you’ll embark on a journey to explore and develop your skills in the art of code generation with Generative AI.

Throughout this short course, you will delve into various techniques for generating Python code effortlessly, ranging from simple scripts to complete end-to-end projects. By the course’s conclusion, you will be able to:

– Generate code with the help of the Generative AI tool
– Implement strategies to design precise prompts for optimal code output
– Analyze the quality and efficiency of the generated Python code
– Create diverse Python projects using Gen AI’s code-generation tools
– Create diverse test scenarios using ChatGPT to cover various aspects of software functionality
-Generate effective test cases with ChatGPT encompassing different use and potential edge cases
-Evaluate the best practices in AI-driven code generation
-Practice refining and optimizing generated code for real-world applications

This course is tailored for freshers, Python developers, and coding enthusiasts eager to harness the power of Generative AI in their coding journey.

Prior experience with Generative AI and Prompt Engineering concepts can provide a beneficial foundation for this course.

Embark on a creative journey to enhance your proficiency in generating visually captivating Python code for a wide range of purposes.

Price Free
Language English
Duration 4 Hours
Certificate No
Course Pace Self Paced
Course Level Advanced
Course Category Generative AI
Course Instructor Edureka
Generative AIGen AI for Code Generation for Python