Generative AI for Beginners

Learn the fundamentals of building Generative AI applications with our 18-lesson comprehensive course by Microsoft Cloud Advocates.

🗃️ Lessons

Lesson Link Description Additional Learning
00 Course Setup Learn: How to Setup Your Development Environment Learn More
01 Introduction to Generative AI and LLMs Learn: Understanding what Generative AI is and how Large Language Models (LLMs) work. Learn More
02 Exploring and comparing different LLMs Learn: How to select the right model for your use case Learn More
03 Using Generative AI Responsibly Learn: How to build Generative AI Applications responsibly Learn More
04 Understanding Prompt Engineering Fundamentals Learn: Hands-on Prompt Engineering Best Practices Learn More
05 Creating Advanced Prompts Learn: How to apply prompt engineering techniques that improve the outcome of your prompts. Learn More
06 Building Text Generation Applications Build: A text generation app using Azure OpenAI Learn More
07 Building Chat Applications Build: Techniques for efficiently building and integrating chat applications. Learn More
08 Building Search Apps Vector Databases Build: A search application that uses Embeddings to search for data. Learn More
09 Building Image Generation Applications Build: A image generation application Learn More
10 Building Low Code AI Applications Build: A Generative AI application using Low Code tools Learn More
11 Integrating External Applications with Function Calling Build: What is function calling and its use cases for applications Learn More
12 Designing UX for AI Applications Learn: How to apply UX design principles when developing Generative AI Applications Learn More
13 Securing Your Generative AI Applications Learn: The threats and risks to AI systems and methods to secure these systems. Learn More
14 The Generative AI Application Lifecycle Learn: The tools and metrics to manage the LLM Lifecycle and LLMOps Learn More
15 Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and Vector Databases Build: An application using a RAG Framework to retrieve embeddings from a Vector Databases Learn More
16 Open Source Models and Hugging Face Build: An application using open source models available on Hugging Face Learn More
17 AI Agents Build: An application using an AI Agent Framework Learn More
18 Fine-Tuning LLMs Learn: The what, why and how of fine-tuning LLMs Learn More
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