AI for Efficient Programming: Harnessing the Power of LLMs

You’ll learn the basics of AI’s potential for efficient programming, the ethics of AI use, and how different LLMs work for common coding tasks.

This course on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for software development explores the use of AI large language models such as ChatGPT, Bard, and others and their potential benefits and challenges. Through examples and hands-on activities, you will develop an understanding of the ways in which AI can speed up software development tasks and free up time for more creative and strategic work.

Unique Features of this Course – Exploration of multiple browser-based AI tools – Hands-on, yet simple activities requiring no installations of software – Emphasis on responsible and ethical use of AI – Beginner friendly for those who want to get started using generative AI tools – Useful ideas for how to leverage tools to make your work better and more efficient – Tried and tested strategies for using AI tools from practicing data scientists and scientific software developers – A fun and playful approach to learning

Price Free
Language English
Duration 12 Hours
Certificate No
Course Pace Self Paced
Course Level Advanced
Course Category LLM
Course Instructor Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
LLMAI for Efficient Programming: Harnessing the Power of LLMs